the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

happy family

this is the place where we called it real world my dear,no fairy tale!what you meant by happy family?this is not Disney channel.where unexpected thing happens at the end of problem to have happy moment(:NO!in real world,a family just happy in their own way..when people have different lifestyle,it does't meant that their family is broken or useless,they just happy with their own way..and for those who personally think that your family is unhappy and so useful,just try to search the positive things in your family,even its not much just appreciate it!then you will feel happy with your family in your own way..for those who have a happy family similar with the Disney channel,just be care full,sometimes what we see is not the only things that's happens(:
HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA![EVIL LAUGH]okay,overlakakugelak[=

kutukan membina kehancuran?

di saat semua sedang gelak ketawa,senyum gembira..teruja menikmati dunia baru mereka..aku pula masih meratapi perkara yg sama..berusaha menahan air masin yg panas ini supaya tk terkeluar..(tolong jngan keluar..please,bukan waktunya kau keluar..) bagaimana lagi yg aku perlu lakukan supaya hatimu terbuka?aku sudah mencuba sebaik mungkin..tolonglahh..usahaku untuk membina dinding utuh dan stabil dlam hati utk menghadapi masa hadapan..telah runtuh begitu sahaja..bagaimana lagi?tidak mudah hati utk memerintah minda supaya berfikir positif mengenai masyarakat sekeliling...aku buntu...harus bagaimana lagi?bagaimana caranya mengubah presepsi mereka tentang aku?..tolonglahh,aku hanya manusia lemah yg amat memerlukan sokongan..saat ini bukan waktunya utk kutukan membina..kutukan ni hanya akan membina kehancuran dalam hati aku..mungkin setelah berhari-hari atau berminggu-minggu,aku akan berfikir positif semula..kerana mungkin ketika itu,aku mulai lali dngan kata-kata org..kepada masyarakat sekeliling yg sering memandang lekeh pada aku kerana masa silamku..tolonglahh,aku sedang cuba perbaiki diri aku,tolong jangan lemahkan semangatku untuk baiki diriku..aku manusia biasa yg lemah..setiap hari aku cuba perbaiki diri aku..aku cuba buat yg terbaik..namun,kenapa org sekeliling tetap memandang masa silam aku?entah...apa yg aku mampu lakukan hanya meminta..tolonglahh,jangan perlekehkan aku kerana masa silam ku..tolonglahh...anggaplahh aku merayu..tolong jngan pandang hina usaha aku..jangan biarkan aku berjuang sendiri.. im not saying im perfect , in fact i know im far from it . im just saying im worth it . im not expecting to much from you , but do appreciate me .-fitra zainal(: sangat bertepatan dngan ap yg hati ini tengah rasa.. P/S:HANYA LUAHAN HATI,JANGAN AMBIL HATI,TAKPERLU RASA SIMPATI,SEMOGA KITA DIRAHMATI..


dah lama tk mencarut ni..bersyukur sngat2..bukan ape,ingat senang ke kalau dah start mencarot ni,tibe2 nak stop..susah woooooo..mcam dadah atau rokok..dah balik rumah ni,ambil peluang lahh nk kurangkan mencarot..lagipon pengaruh mencarut dkat rumah ni,kuranglahh mencarutnye..dulu laju je mulut keluarkan kata2 kesat,mcam mesengun..siap pnah kene tuduh sebagai penyebab org lain mencarot lagi..dkat rumah ni kene jage manner..gila nak mencarut dpan org tua..silap2 boleh hilang lidah wooooo!! tp bila sampai masalah yg memang meruntun jiwa raga ni..rase mcam nak terkeluar je kata2 yg tk sepatotnya terkeluar ni..nasib baik tk lepas lagi..isk,isk,isk,tolonglahh jngan potong kredit aku suka2!pantang sikit lahh pasal duit ni,dahla tngah kering.aduhhh!!memanglah duit bukan segalanya,tp segalanya guna duit tahu!kalau seplosen dua tu,boleh la hambe pejam mate..sampai lime hinggit memang layak kene maki!wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!meluapluap ni..lepasni aku nak tukar number lahh..dah bnyak kali jd mcam ni..drpd selalu face problem mcam ni,baik aku elak je dari masalah ni!bukan lari,elak..mcamnilahh muka aku tngah marah..boleh byangkn tk?
tkdlahh..mcam ni!


this is not just beautiful tiara but the most precious part for a matter what kind of tiara you have,it's still precious!in Islam,woman should cover their tiara not because of the dominated culture..but the tiara too precious.i have heard from one sources that said Islam woman should wear proper outfit that cover what should been cover including our tiara.but,some of us think that they are not ready yet to cover the tiara..and when we ask them "why they still showing off their tiara?",the answer would be "we are not ready yet,you can't force us".okay listen ladies!you have to cover your hair because it a must!do not wait until you feel ready because you never know when you will be ready,maybe you would dead before you ready.. this is one of the problem some Muslim face in Malaysia,but one of the most serious problem is,misunderstood the concept in cover our hair!they think woman just should cover their hair outside of house only but inside of house.lets be clear with this,you should cover your hair in the house also when there are stranger in your house..the main point is,you when ever you are,where ever you should cover those hair from been seeing by stranger man..that all i can share about cover our precious can comment to share more info or want to give your opinion about this topic!

lets the haters hate!

stop wasting your time and energy to hate,haters! what did you get?trust me.. the less you hate,the happiest you get! the more you hate,the more haters you got...ha ha just don't pick a fight with me.. if you want to give advise,do it in a proper way.. in soft tone and polite words.. if you are not the haters.. well,am i the only one who feel this way or not?

future?does it like DEJA VU?

okay,right now the hottest topic among 94 kids is future study!major of us are talking about which one university would they choose or what course would they loved to take.okay,don't loose hope guys and keep it up.try your best to choose.i meant try to choose the best,ha ha..for me,it's not hard to make decision like them and i just need some luck.well,my result wasn't so good and i don't think my parents happy with it.according to that,i made my decision!i would choose what ever they choose for me to make them happy..yeah,maybe it's would effect my future if what they choose does't suit me,but i have the confident,if my heart sincere to make my parent happy,i would can judge me like whatever you want but before you judge me,listen to my explanation(: you have no idea what i feel or facing when i got my result,the most hurt thing about it was the disappointed face of your parent..well,i can't blame them and yet,i can't blame my self isn't?so,it's hurt you know..that's why,i come out with that decision to choose path that my mother choose to show her i love her and to make her happy,yeah..after what she already face for her children sake..i think she deserve it.. i think i'm one of the lucky person in the world,because my mother want me to be a teacher..and i think to be a teacher in my real life just fine,i think i can handle it,because i love math and math+teacher=math teacher!like what i said earlier,i just need some luck and bless from God to be a math teacher one day,to show her how much i love her<3 so,i don't really care if you want to badmouth me,i'm just going to say 'whatever'.. WHATEVER YOU MORON!BHAHAK.. by the way,i can be a HOT MATH TEACHER like what Awatif say..(:


i love super junior and nothing you can do to change's not like what you think,i love them because of their tough friendship and their polite attitude.they also funny and charming.(:
yes,everyday i'm wasting my time surfing the internet,searching for super junior from Wikipedia to YouTube.but still i din't forget my responsibility as a daughter and human being..
for me,it's not wrong to love them even we are from different religion and country..
it's not that i want to give my future to them..this just teenage matter..
start from a boring routine them in some program that give me laugh and falling in love with's just like me,easy to get addict to something that interesting.before i know super junior i get to know Harry Potter,Avatar anime and Japanese drama..but it won't stick long with me..just after a week i get boring my self back.then i meet super junior and love them since a month a go,the longest addict that a have because they never fail to make me laugh!yeah,you can laugh to me because i used to hate them before..ha-ha
p/s:this post is direct to people that used to hate people like me because we like kpop..just stop it because we just like them not we are dying with them!

hey,my new come back!

it's been a long time since i post my last post,'s not like i'm busy or something,but i have to take time to built back my spirit that already broken since 21 March..i admit,it's too bitter for me to accept it,it's feel horrible,and i'm not sure i would let you judge me or not,you can say i'm weak to feel down because that piece of paper had to many alphabet on it.but, can't read my mind or my feeling that time.because you was not in my place..the way people treat me,it's so hard!it's feel like all people staring at you all the time!i'm not sure,i just don't know how to feel right now!all i could do is wondering,laughing,crying alone like a crazy man!yes,i know,this is not the end of my's was a start..even it's not impossible to have a good ending when the start is bad,but still it's hard!and all i know right now is to face what ever it is..even though i feel like i have no one except just God..