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the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-


this is not just beautiful tiara but the most precious part for a matter what kind of tiara you have,it's still precious!in Islam,woman should cover their tiara not because of the dominated culture..but the tiara too precious.i have heard from one sources that said Islam woman should wear proper outfit that cover what should been cover including our tiara.but,some of us think that they are not ready yet to cover the tiara..and when we ask them "why they still showing off their tiara?",the answer would be "we are not ready yet,you can't force us".okay listen ladies!you have to cover your hair because it a must!do not wait until you feel ready because you never know when you will be ready,maybe you would dead before you ready.. this is one of the problem some Muslim face in Malaysia,but one of the most serious problem is,misunderstood the concept in cover our hair!they think woman just should cover their hair outside of house only but inside of house.lets be clear with this,you should cover your hair in the house also when there are stranger in your house..the main point is,you when ever you are,where ever you should cover those hair from been seeing by stranger man..that all i can share about cover our precious can comment to share more info or want to give your opinion about this topic!

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