the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

the come back

It's been so long since the last time i updating my blog..and i should let people now about my sick mother already with our beloved God, Allah.. 14 July 2012 was the date when my mother passed away..since that,i have being so busy with my life..well,it's not easy for me to keep on my life without hard.. people might think that i'm tough.. because of the smile on my face and the tears that they never seen..but,no worry..right now, i already improve my life..i really think that i need to do that, for my self and my family..for those who knows me and my mom..pray for my mom and me..pray for my mother happiness at there..and pray for me to be strong for my future.. now..she is gone..left us and let us learn to be more strong..