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the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

future?does it like DEJA VU?

okay,right now the hottest topic among 94 kids is future study!major of us are talking about which one university would they choose or what course would they loved to take.okay,don't loose hope guys and keep it up.try your best to choose.i meant try to choose the best,ha ha..for me,it's not hard to make decision like them and i just need some luck.well,my result wasn't so good and i don't think my parents happy with it.according to that,i made my decision!i would choose what ever they choose for me to make them happy..yeah,maybe it's would effect my future if what they choose does't suit me,but i have the confident,if my heart sincere to make my parent happy,i would can judge me like whatever you want but before you judge me,listen to my explanation(: you have no idea what i feel or facing when i got my result,the most hurt thing about it was the disappointed face of your parent..well,i can't blame them and yet,i can't blame my self isn't?so,it's hurt you know..that's why,i come out with that decision to choose path that my mother choose to show her i love her and to make her happy,yeah..after what she already face for her children sake..i think she deserve it.. i think i'm one of the lucky person in the world,because my mother want me to be a teacher..and i think to be a teacher in my real life just fine,i think i can handle it,because i love math and math+teacher=math teacher!like what i said earlier,i just need some luck and bless from God to be a math teacher one day,to show her how much i love her<3 so,i don't really care if you want to badmouth me,i'm just going to say 'whatever'.. WHATEVER YOU MORON!BHAHAK.. by the way,i can be a HOT MATH TEACHER like what Awatif say..(:

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