the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

oh crush

okay,its been so long from my last post,well i'm being busy lately..i just come back from a cool camping trip at sungai sedim, kedah. and me as AJK activity for running chef now busy handling the busy.. even i'm busy with my stuff but i do have time to have a good time with my friend..well,i do have fun at the camp..and my AJK team was super cool much fun when hang out with them..even in the meeting we have fun making joke and laughing together.. back to the topic which is crush.. okay,since my last impossible crush that so long ago been forgotten..i never fall for another crush..its been a year that my heart empty..and my mom left make my heart more empty.. so,when suddenly this ordinary guy that i met at the pulau(went to pulau last two weeks because of the AJK team work)really catch my heart.. actually..its not that serious at friend aka AJK team just playing with she admire him..and he admire her..its too just playing with it for fun..they say i admire that ordinary i just admit it and play the game.. the admire game become more interesting when that ordinary guy also went to the camp at sungai sedim..well,i'm cool at first..but the moment when you know will melt,i tell will melt..he is so totally not handsome at all,a little bit chubby..i don't know how my heart melt so easily with him.. but that's not the point.. the point is,whenever or whatever crush i have..i usually end up feeling stress out and down..its complicated to write but i always feel this way.. he treat me nicely at first but when my heart and mind totally into him,he suddenly left me out..what the hell? see?i guess i never have a boyfriend like boyfriend no husband..seriously? and it will hard for me to fall in love again next time..its hurt you hurt... fall in love taste like coffee,sweet and bitter at the same time.. #no picture guys..put picture of my crush here will make it less fun..hehe