the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

bright day(:

one typical Monday morning,as usual..i wake up and helping mom to done housework.. suddenly,my brother ask something like wow! ha-ha..i can't believe it!he ask me and my sister to watch movie that day!so i quickly finished up my work and dress up!i wear green blouse and peach scarf with blue jeans..before we reach JJ to watch movie,my brother treat us 'nasi kandar ipoh'..this place is so famous..awesome!people line up too have their 'nasi kandar bungkus' isn't?

don't worry with that Chinese latter at there!my brother said that the owner of the 'nasi kandar' is mamak and he share the stall with the Chinese people who just prepare the drink for the,you just order some bottle or can drink if you want to make sure you drink something that clean..the 'nasi kandar' just fine to me but it's a little bit sister have running nose derr!! ha-ha..another things make this place famous was,this place the only place you can see Malay, Chinese and Indian seat in one table.what a prosperity!after that,we went to the JJ.YEAH!!my brother buy some ticket while me and my sister went to perform our zuhur prayer..then,we rush to catch some drink with popcorn from my brother and ready to enjoy the movie..we watch Ghost Rider II..

this story is kind of fake but i like it because it just imagination of the just watch this movie but don't believe the story line OK?
after watch the movie..we went to the tesco section 18 to fetch some stuff for my sister..
we went back home and my brother bought some KFC for us one family to enjoy!!
that's all..
p/s:thank you my brother AMEER NAEIM SHUHAIMI(:


ada macam cerita korea my girlfriend is gumiho tk?haha..cuak gila nk tunggu result spm tknak terleka aku buat laa countdown mcam mom tk kesah anak dia dapat result macam mana asalkan lulus utk kemana-mana sudah la..hmmm,tp aku pulak yg harap lebih dkat diri aku..harap lebih-lebih pon tk bolehh jugak takot kecewa over dost nanti..aku takut result aku tk berapa nak bagus utk balas jasa mak ayah yg susah susah sekolah kan aku..selama lima tahun dkat pasir salak tu..9A+ tu mungkin besar utk aku tk mustahil kn?hmmm...kita doa sama eh rakan rakan?belajar sama sama,berjaya sama sama lahh!

we are not perfect

two days ago,something make me realize that there are so many thing that me and my family have to improve in daily life as a Muslim.maybe we are not in jahiliah category,but sometime we does't realize that what we do are wrong..but the truth is..we have to learn and keep learn..yes we can't be perfect but that can't be the reason we keep in the same state forever..we have to try to improve our be a better person..(:
am i right?

good flame look awesome

one day,i'm wasting my time to play the candle at my back door my childhood life,just i play it in matured way..i guest!(:
after i ignite the candle,i lay my back at the door,waiting for the wax to melt..and i look deep into the flame and suddenly i realize that the flame look magnificent but it look like unreal..because you can't grab it..even you try too you only feel hot and hurt but still you can't grab it..we can see the yellow flame dancing at the top of the candle..melting the wax slowly.what a beautiful flame,but there are phrase that say..small fire more like friend but big fire more like enemy..that's true,flame could be dangerous in it own way..

The Fox who had Lost his Tail

A FOX, caught in a trap, escaped by tearing off his brushy tail.
After that, the other animals mocked him, making him feel so ashamed that his life was a burden to him. He therefore worked out a plan to make all the other foxes the same as him, so that in their common loss he might better conceal his own deprivation.

He called a meeting of foxes. A good many came to it, and he gave a speech, advising them all to cut off their tails. He said that they would not only look much better without them, but that they would get rid of the weight of the brush, which was a very great inconvenience.

But one of them interrupted his speech.

"If you had not lost your own tail, my friend," that fox said, "you would not be giving us this advice."

i think this tale is so suitable to be story at the girl who proudly announce that they had lost their virginity and try to influence other to be like them with big propaganda like you are looser with the virgin.or i can say this type of girl is more bloody worse than the least the fox lost it tail because of it caught in a trap,but those girl willing to be in the trap!just a pathetic girl aren't you?

tired to tried

no matter how hard i try to remove it.still nothing happen.even it show some improvement sometimes but it will turn as the beginning just like nothing happen or been even worse.sometime i pray so hard so i can remove it and questioning why this thing had to do with me.but nothing i can matter how many time i ask the same still be with i decide to stop wasting my time questioning something that have no answer..
but now,i already accept the faith about this things still i know i have my hope somewhere someday.just try my best and the rest left to the God to take it back or not..(:

Oh Allah,the only God in the universe and in the world,nothing else i can do without your help.i know i have no right to ask you,but you are the only one where i should ask for help and,please forgive me for all my sins and my parents me,my parents,family and friend your mercy.give us a healthy body and healthy mind.give us a great future and lead us in your way..please don't abandon us..Amin!

*don't get it wrong it just a worse allergic disease that might kill me with the pressure it give to my mind!

they just sweet like always!

saya ada anak sedara!!
mereka semua cucu kepada mak mak sedara saya..
anak kepada abg,kakak sepupu saya..
abang saya tk kawin lagi..
mcam mana nak ada anak..
mereka sungguh cute and sweet!!
mcam mak ayah mereka lahh..haha
just love to play with them,
tapi saya tak rapat dengan mereka sangat..
sebab jarang jumpa kot..
just hoping someday i would be closed with them someday..
and we can spend more time together..(:

hey you little big pumpkin

just wanna wish your 18 birthday (:
sorry i can't be the first one who wish even i want to..

just for you balqis umaira mohd faudzi as u wish!

i have a new neighbor (:

since my uncle pass away last July,my aunt decide to live beside her mom,that's mean my gran gran!so my aunt aka my neighbor already migrate to my village and leave my next door house empty..after a long time i used to be neighborliness,some one ask my dad to rent the next door house..for their first week,i never saw anyone other than one average mom said her wife work far away and have to settle something before move on to the house..later on,her wife came with their cute little daughter name Nur Qaseh something(*such a long name,i can't remember the last one.. ha-ha)
normal life just begin smoothly,nothing freaky or annoying stuff happen..time flow fast and guest what?his wife decided to bring her mom stay there as a baby sitter to her daughter..i don't really mind because they are actually sweet,one day..on my peaceful weekend,i heard some noises come from my next door house.. oho!they have a family gathering that day!my mom had a chit chat with them and they told my mom that they love that house so much..maybe because of the nature there..okay,back to the topic,after the family gathering,the house add one more inhabitant..AGAIN!guest what?his wife just add her GOOD LOOKING YOUNGER BROTHER to live in that house!her brother age maybe around 19 but you know what i'm thinking?he's young dude!young and good looking!ha-ha..
but let me tell you something,i never have a neighbor that their age around me..usually their age more more older or more more younger..seriously,this things was not a good news for me,it make my work even harder!(*nak sidai kain pon payah)
huh,to be truth,i'm more know..shy shy cat type..ha-ha..
but its true i'm having a hard time here..i'm not used to that kind of stuff,it make me feel horrible!derrr!
just leak of confident make me feel ever worse!
i never have intention to flirting flirting with him..what i'm afraid of is my mom would tease me like i want him..AGAIN,DERRRRRRR!

heart broken

it feel so hurt when you lost something that precious to you right?that what i feel when i read my friend entry about our Muslim friend that already decided to leave our religion and choose to renegade!they also proudly insult our religion!the most hurt things here is we can't do anything about that..all we can do is just praying that our God help this person to find the truth..this person not the only one who had done this horrible things..many more people in Malaysia want to do it to..this is not a good news for Muslim like us..they also have a group using the fb so they can connect each other and try to spread their poison all around the world..the question is how can this happening?the boy that i told you before just 19 years old,what on earth his thinking that Islam is wrong..that must be some one attract him and spread the poison to him right?and what should we do about it?i really don't know..what do you aspect from 18 years old girl?but we can't just let them be..this is more like a war to those who started it!but we can't fight them with anger because anger come from devil.we have to do something..this is a serious thing to Muslim..but for me to fight alone is unrealistic..i'm just a eighteen year old girl remember?i just can pray and really hope that someone with power to work this thing out!

reality and fantasy

major movie, anime or drama that i watch during my long holiday shows how strong the friendship bond between the character!!that make me realize something..does that friendship bond is really exist?well,many people always proudly say they had a bff..well,i don't know if i believe that..honestly,people now days really is hard to believe that they have a bff!!for between friendships really special,and i would do my best to protect it..but sometimes i think..what did i get if i'm the only one who protect it right?this bond would be so powerful if all of the person try to protect,i start to argue that this thing is reality or just fantasy..