the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-


i love super junior and nothing you can do to change's not like what you think,i love them because of their tough friendship and their polite attitude.they also funny and charming.(:
yes,everyday i'm wasting my time surfing the internet,searching for super junior from Wikipedia to YouTube.but still i din't forget my responsibility as a daughter and human being..
for me,it's not wrong to love them even we are from different religion and country..
it's not that i want to give my future to them..this just teenage matter..
start from a boring routine them in some program that give me laugh and falling in love with's just like me,easy to get addict to something that interesting.before i know super junior i get to know Harry Potter,Avatar anime and Japanese drama..but it won't stick long with me..just after a week i get boring my self back.then i meet super junior and love them since a month a go,the longest addict that a have because they never fail to make me laugh!yeah,you can laugh to me because i used to hate them before..ha-ha
p/s:this post is direct to people that used to hate people like me because we like kpop..just stop it because we just like them not we are dying with them!


  1. yeahh!! hidup ainul!! bhahak.. hamboih hang skarang~~

  2. haha..tkd geram dngan org yg dok ngate org lain fanatik korea sampai tk ingat bende lain..ak mcam nak jerit,hey!mana kau tahu dia tk ingat bende lain?sengal!haha

    1. hahahak..betul3...bukannya kita letak wallpaper kat dinding besar2 gambar eunhyuk mcm kat sebelah ni kan..hahak

    2. hehe,hero cepet!!betul tu, perlu tunjuk kebaikan yg kita dah buat..yg penting,tahu batas,sampai berposter besar2 dalam bilik..erk,,ak tk pnah buat lagi lahh..majalah pon tk dibeli..apakan poster..haha