the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

tired to tried

no matter how hard i try to remove it.still nothing happen.even it show some improvement sometimes but it will turn as the beginning just like nothing happen or been even worse.sometime i pray so hard so i can remove it and questioning why this thing had to do with me.but nothing i can matter how many time i ask the same still be with i decide to stop wasting my time questioning something that have no answer..
but now,i already accept the faith about this things still i know i have my hope somewhere someday.just try my best and the rest left to the God to take it back or not..(:

Oh Allah,the only God in the universe and in the world,nothing else i can do without your help.i know i have no right to ask you,but you are the only one where i should ask for help and,please forgive me for all my sins and my parents me,my parents,family and friend your mercy.give us a healthy body and healthy mind.give us a great future and lead us in your way..please don't abandon us..Amin!

*don't get it wrong it just a worse allergic disease that might kill me with the pressure it give to my mind!


  1. apa yg tired nye ainulll..btw ak pon tired kat rumah#takde motif la ak ni