the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

bright day(:

one typical Monday morning,as usual..i wake up and helping mom to done housework.. suddenly,my brother ask something like wow! ha-ha..i can't believe it!he ask me and my sister to watch movie that day!so i quickly finished up my work and dress up!i wear green blouse and peach scarf with blue jeans..before we reach JJ to watch movie,my brother treat us 'nasi kandar ipoh'..this place is so famous..awesome!people line up too have their 'nasi kandar bungkus' isn't?

don't worry with that Chinese latter at there!my brother said that the owner of the 'nasi kandar' is mamak and he share the stall with the Chinese people who just prepare the drink for the,you just order some bottle or can drink if you want to make sure you drink something that clean..the 'nasi kandar' just fine to me but it's a little bit sister have running nose derr!! ha-ha..another things make this place famous was,this place the only place you can see Malay, Chinese and Indian seat in one table.what a prosperity!after that,we went to the JJ.YEAH!!my brother buy some ticket while me and my sister went to perform our zuhur prayer..then,we rush to catch some drink with popcorn from my brother and ready to enjoy the movie..we watch Ghost Rider II..

this story is kind of fake but i like it because it just imagination of the just watch this movie but don't believe the story line OK?
after watch the movie..we went to the tesco section 18 to fetch some stuff for my sister..
we went back home and my brother bought some KFC for us one family to enjoy!!
that's all..
p/s:thank you my brother AMEER NAEIM SHUHAIMI(:



    1. hehe..kau teringin ke?suroh laa kakak kau blanja...bukan selalu aku berseronok..sekali sekala memang seronok lahh..

  2. first2 aku baca aku catch up word brother kau tu adik kau..haha, power giler adik kau bawak g jj..haha

    1. hahah..aku terbayang budak 6 tahun drive seram pon ada..haha