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the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

i have a new neighbor (:

since my uncle pass away last July,my aunt decide to live beside her mom,that's mean my gran gran!so my aunt aka my neighbor already migrate to my village and leave my next door house empty..after a long time i used to be neighborliness,some one ask my dad to rent the next door house..for their first week,i never saw anyone other than one average mom said her wife work far away and have to settle something before move on to the house..later on,her wife came with their cute little daughter name Nur Qaseh something(*such a long name,i can't remember the last one.. ha-ha)
normal life just begin smoothly,nothing freaky or annoying stuff happen..time flow fast and guest what?his wife decided to bring her mom stay there as a baby sitter to her daughter..i don't really mind because they are actually sweet,one day..on my peaceful weekend,i heard some noises come from my next door house.. oho!they have a family gathering that day!my mom had a chit chat with them and they told my mom that they love that house so much..maybe because of the nature there..okay,back to the topic,after the family gathering,the house add one more inhabitant..AGAIN!guest what?his wife just add her GOOD LOOKING YOUNGER BROTHER to live in that house!her brother age maybe around 19 but you know what i'm thinking?he's young dude!young and good looking!ha-ha..
but let me tell you something,i never have a neighbor that their age around me..usually their age more more older or more more younger..seriously,this things was not a good news for me,it make my work even harder!(*nak sidai kain pon payah)
huh,to be truth,i'm more know..shy shy cat type..ha-ha..
but its true i'm having a hard time here..i'm not used to that kind of stuff,it make me feel horrible!derrr!
just leak of confident make me feel ever worse!
i never have intention to flirting flirting with him..what i'm afraid of is my mom would tease me like i want him..AGAIN,DERRRRRRR!

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