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the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

heart broken

it feel so hurt when you lost something that precious to you right?that what i feel when i read my friend entry about our Muslim friend that already decided to leave our religion and choose to renegade!they also proudly insult our religion!the most hurt things here is we can't do anything about that..all we can do is just praying that our God help this person to find the truth..this person not the only one who had done this horrible things..many more people in Malaysia want to do it to..this is not a good news for Muslim like us..they also have a group using the fb so they can connect each other and try to spread their poison all around the world..the question is how can this happening?the boy that i told you before just 19 years old,what on earth his thinking that Islam is wrong..that must be some one attract him and spread the poison to him right?and what should we do about it?i really don't know..what do you aspect from 18 years old girl?but we can't just let them be..this is more like a war to those who started it!but we can't fight them with anger because anger come from devil.we have to do something..this is a serious thing to Muslim..but for me to fight alone is unrealistic..i'm just a eighteen year old girl remember?i just can pray and really hope that someone with power to work this thing out!

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