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the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

you have a boyfriend and you proud of it?

some says you are looser when you does't have boyfriend or never couple before.. in fact!some says loosing your virginity is basic for the up to date school girl..OK,we are not western..western girl believe it that way..but in this case we should't follow them!i admit it young visitor!girl is looser without boyfriend and normal to loose your virginity..if you strong enough to fight the extra super duper large fire at the place we call HELL!maybe some of the girl sometime feel like want to have a sweet boyfriend to hang with..sometimes i feel the same way too..but you just have to be strict to your self..don't easily fall for the boys..OK? just remember the less man notice you in this world the more love u get from God!
i din't say boy is bad for you..they actually really sweet and caring you know..(*no wonder girl easy to fall for them)but they much more better in friend or best-friend state..when you friend with like friend forever!(*different from female friend..they more emotional!)if you couple with them,when a big wave come,it's hard for you guys to still be friend..boy would't face such problem because they like to act cool!..but for ladies..does't it hard?
back to the the girl that feel down when people proudly talk about how great their boyfriend or how sweet their should more proud to your self because you would become more special to your future husband out there!just smile and proudly explain to them that you never couple before not because no one want you (*even it's a fact!haha)but you don't want to and believe there are and only the one man you going to marry someday for you to couple in your marriage!when you grow up you would feel so greathearted that you never be victim for any boy in your school life!so don't be ashamed if you never had boyfriend before!!

*btw,some people say you should start searching for the right one in your university life..i don't sure or even know that true or not..i choose to not believe it!!


  1. yes, friend is better :)
    lagi pun tak syiok ah terikat dengan boyfriend waktu usia kita ni. time ni lhh kita patuutt enjoyy dengan kawankawan :D

  2. hmm,friends mcam lepak sikit kn..haha
    tq,tq..atleast aku tahu ad org thinks like me..