the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-

education matter

okay,i had tried my best to be what my mom want me to be=a teacher!
but mom,i'm so sorry,it's not me but they are the one who don't want me to be a teacher in this country..maybe because of my capital C+ in chemistry,but that's not the point right now..
right now,i really hope that my mom would support my dream!like UiTM support me!
to be truth,i had a little shock back then,because i din't aspect UiTM would give me chance to be part of them.DIPLOMA CULINARY be a chef,that was my first dream after interior designer!so,i really looking forward about this course!are this what we called fate?i prayed to Allah,to give me a simple,easy,clear way for my future..and He give simple,easy,clear choice to choose.. between two,Form6 or Diploma Culinary Art in UiTM?
what do you think?from what my piece of organ called brain think is..Allah already prepare something good for us in unexpected way..Allah just want us to do our best and keep faith to Him!Allah want us to ask more and more..i really hope this culinary art is my real faith!pray for me yeah?together we pray for us!Aaaaaaaammiiiiiiiinn!


  1. insyaallah ainul, rezeki ada kat mana2..kalau aku aku pilih culinary sbb kalau dah minat kan. tapi, papehal buat istkharah =)

  2. ainul..i always support you..setiap org bejaya dengan cara tersendiri kankan..hee

    1. yeah awatif!aku pon akan selalu and terus support kau!