the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-


do you understand how much boring my life are since my school life END?it's so boring even FB can't help i start to waste my time watching drama and movies in front of my sister laptop.i watch Korean drama,Japan drama,Thailand drama,anime cartoon and some more.the problem is..when i watch what ever drama and movie in my sister laptop,i start to become addicted!one of it is Super Junior member!believe it or not..i'm not one of the k-pop fans before,perhaps i just watch Korean drama but not listening to their music or band or group!i even questioning why people love k-pop song so much..since i watch EHB(EXPLORING HUMAN BODY) Super Junior..

i start to listening to Super Junior more horrible when i start to checking for their info from Google!you know what it means?it means i'm already addicted to Super Junior!!!

that EHB Super Junior program was so cool,that program not just make us laugh but sharing good info and fact about human body in fun should watch it!Super Junior is so funny and cool,they are so friendly and not controlling their macho..there are so many fact that i learn from the program..
lastly,i know i'm quite late in this k-pop world but i don't care!this EHB program actually made in 2008,and i just watch it late!
now i know why people love k-pop so much,why not?i'm in their shoes right now!haha
here some picture i can share with you guys about the EHB Super Junior!!ENJOY(:

they actually wear this pink coat every time during experiment*like a professor..


  1. haargghh!! ainul is addicted to haziq daman..hahahak

    1. haziq daman?what the relationship between haziq daman and super junior?so so so different when you compare their face..