the words

the problem will come but how hard it is just show that you are strong enough and face the day every day bravely -banana-


i start to fell in love with this band when my friend ask me to enjoy one of their song titled BRICK BY BORING BRICK.that song was awesome and i loved i start to search their others song which awesome too.some people say i love this band because of my crush at school love this band.NOOOOO!sure not!there's no way i like this band because of that!cheh!
but after a long more paramore song played in my mp3.. haha
i wonder why,,,
maybe because it's boring to hear same song everyday after a year,
maybe because my crush at school no longer presence in my daily life of my daily mind.
but i just don't care..
even paramore was boring for me now,but i still think hayley william is cool!

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